Shawfarm's personal website

What the heck is this?

Well, this here is a pretty cool site! It’s a more of a "because we can" and less of an informational site, but some of the things you’ll find may be informational. Shawfarms operates out of Oneida, Illinois with mainly a corn and bean crop. We also experiment with other crops, for example, we have been growing sunflowers to make our own bio-diesel (it's a work in progress). At Shawfarms, we like to incorporate as much technology as we can: hence, the site was created by Alex Shaw, the fifth generation behind this farm. That's some of the behind the scenes for you. Why you may ask, well, again, because we can. So go, explore, and have fun!


  • The website got a massive facelift if you haven't noticed. The website now has a much sleeker and more professional look to it. On top of all of this, it also supports mobile devices.
  • The camera's page now supports internet explorer! Previously I relied on using mjpg to display my cameras, but since 40% of my traffic uses Internet Explorer(ugh) I changed it to use jquery to update an image

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